As a creative entrepreneur or business owner, it’s critical to stand out. Unfortunately, your current branding and website are only making you look ordinary.
I help food entrepreneurs, passionate start-ups, and civic hackers stand out from the crowd by crafting outstanding brands and business-driven websites.

Charting a course and growing your business online takes more than just your Business Mojo.

You’ve got an amazing product, a thrilling vision, and everyone you talk to is pumped about your idea. But, even though you’ve got passion in spades, you don’t seem to be winning the interest of your audience—in fact, they seem to think you’re just like everyone else. (That’s bad.)

You’ve tried to put together a website, and maybe even designed your own logo, but you’ve found that it’s just not as simple as it’s made out to be. Sure, you’ve got an online presence, but you’ve got more than a sneaking suspicion that it’s not doing you any favors.

Your product or business is your baby. Don’t sell it short by settling for sub-par logos or websites that will ultimately ruin your audience’s perception of you.

Raise yourself above the crowd with a brand and website that is laser-focused on your business goals

I help food entrepreneurs, passionate start-ups, civic hackers and passionate organizations lift their businesses out of mediocrity by partnering with them to create brands, websites, and interfaces that drive their business forward.
Through a creative (and, dare I mention it, fun!) process of strategic research, brainstorming, testing and design, I craft clever brands and websites that will:

Launch your new business, product or service

Clarify your online presence to reflect your business vision

Position you as a star in your industry

Win your audience’s attention, delight them, and build a community of raving fans

Increase your revenue

“I can’t decide which is my favorite quality—David’s visual creativity and attention to detail, or his ability to consistently hit deadlines. David does outstanding creative work that makes me smile.”

William Donnell, Founder at Sodium Halogen

“Having a general idea of what we wanted for our site but not having the experience or creative edge, David was the solution. His service is exceptional. I would not go anywhere else.”

Jason Fitzpatrick, The Village Global

If your product or service is being drowned out in a sea of ordinary, let’s change that.
Get a beautifully designed brand and an easy-to-use web platform that will propel your business forward and change your audience into a passionate tribe.

Let’s Collaborate

I work with passionate business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in a partnership that takes their business to the next level.

Does that sound like you? Then, don’t be shy, let’s get to know one another! Fill out my project planner form to give me the details about your project, and then you’ll be able to schedule a call with me to discuss your business, your project, and how I can best help you to stand out from the crowd.

Tell me about your project

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“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”

-Lao Tzu

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